Thursday, March 31, 2005

"Uh, yeah... maybe I won't volunteer."

My friend Abby sent the following email to the volunteer coordinators for the 2006 Paralympics:


Went to to see about volunteering at the
paralympics in 06, but it's in italian and I am one of those
unenlightened people who can only guess at your beautiful
language. Also, when I click on essere voluntario, the page does
not load. Could someone send me info on being a volunteer? I'll
most likely be there to support a good friend on the US disabled
alpine ski team and I'm sure I could take some time to help out
in whatever way you need.

Thanks! Grazie!
Abby Drevs

Here's the response she got:


we are with knowledge of some problems which located it has but
our techniquex is with work to improve the service, would advise
reprouver to him and of controller which it version to explore
which uses is not compatible with the Form Application, in this
case it is necessary to use PC with a version of Internt Explore
5.5. or superior. Thank you for interest.

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