Thursday, March 24, 2005

a bit of a disappointment

Well, the weather today ended up being just fine, alternating between sun, clouds, and light snow flurries. As a result, we were able to run today's 2-run downhill as scheduled. I had two totally decent runs, basically equal to my training runs over the past couple of days. Unfortunately for me, everyone else really stepped up their game. In the end I finished fifth, behind Chris, Roger Lee, Nick, and Joe. Definitely a disappointment after my string of second-place finishes in the training runs, but the first six of us were all pretty close, within a few seconds of each other after two runs. It's hard to be happy about my performance when I'm so bummed about my result, but I know I should be. I have three more chances this week to hit the podium.

Latest absolutely amazing song I've heard: "Maps of Egypt" by the Portland, Maine-based band Seekonk. (Listen to a sample on iTunes.)

Last incredibly depressing movie I've seen: Osama, a film about an Afghani girl living under Taliban rule who tries to pass as a boy in order to feed her family.

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