Thursday, March 03, 2005

off days (for me anyway)

Today was GS and yesterday was super G here in Klosters, and Hannah and I continued to sit out the races. Today we went up and watched the second run of the GS, which was a tricky course that claimed a number of the top skiers. Chris had problems but still held on to finish 3rd. Laurie improved her streak to an amazing 11 consecutive World Cup wins in GS, beginning last season with a win in her first-ever World Cup GS.

By now my face has turned a very interesting assortment of colors, and my cuts and scrapes have scabbed over. This morning my right eye was swollen almost shut, which made it really hard to get my contact lens in. It feels fine, but I wore sunglasses to breakfast. I think my vanity is injured worse than my face.

The injuries on the team just continue to pile up. In addition to Sandy, Hannah and me, one of our ski technicians, Ben Roberts, was injured today when he accidentally skied off a 5-foot drop and landed on his back. Good thing we only have one more race left — only one more chance for people to get injured.

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