Saturday, March 26, 2005

GS day

Third place again today, although I was kind of lucky to even make the podium: Chris, Nick, and Roger all went down in the first run and failed to finish, leaving Tyler, Joe, Kevin Connolly (not yet a U.S. Ski Team member), and me to duke it out for the medals.

I had one big mistake on my first run, sliding on my hip for a second on the steepest part of the hill, and finished third: 5 seconds behind Tyler, 3 seconds ahead of Joe, and just 0.05 seconds behind Kevin. I figured I could easily beat Kevin on the second run with a decent run, but I decided to really attack the second course anyway. I had a good run with no big mistakes, just behind Tyler's time and well ahead of Joe's, but Kevin laid down the best run I've ever seen him ski and increased his lead over me by a second, keeping me in third. It was a fun race.

Here are some links to USSA's stories on the downhill and the super G. No story in today's Vail paper about yesterday's race, but they did run a pretty sweet photo of Nick on the cover.

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