Tuesday, March 08, 2005

March madness

So, my schedule for the rest of the month is finally starting to shape up...

The doc still says I can't ski until 3 weeks after my crash, so that would be just in time to for downhill training at nationals in Vail, which begin on the 22nd. That means I have like two weeks to kill however I please. I have to get my car back east during that time so I can fly straight back from nationals for the beginning of spring classes; I have decided to take the most circuitous route possible. This Thursday and Friday I'll drive from Colorado to Chicago and then spend the weekend with my friend Abby (and hopefully Shifra as well). Then on Monday and Tuesday I'll head down to Washington, D.C. and visit Will M. and Seth, and finally back up to Maine (with a possible stop in NYC). Then on Monday the 21st I'll fly back out to CO for nationals. Whew.

When is every airline going to have something like this? This is 2005, for Pete's sake; people need to get online. It should be free, even.

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