Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

my latest obsession

is The Onion AV Club's crossword, which you can do for free online. It's just as smart as the New York Times puzzle, but much snarkier. For instance, one recent puzzle called "Double Hung" featured long clues whose answers all involved two synonyms for "penis" (e.g. "ANDY [ROD][DICK]," "[PETER] O'[TOOL]E").

Monday, April 07, 2008

queen rock montreal

My girlfriend M. and I have an ongoing game, inspired by The 40-Year-Old Virgin, called "Know How I Know You're Gay?" For the uninitiated (watch the linked video, which is NSFW unless you work somewhere really cool), this involves witty banter about just what it is that indicates that one's interlocutor is gay.

Anyway, M. recently had the best occasion ever to ask me if I knew how she knew I was gay: I bought the DVD Queen Rock Montreal and am currently watching it. I saw an abridged version of this rock doc on a plane to Europe in January, and it rocked so hard it almost blew my mind. So when I was in Best Buy the other day and saw the DVD on the rack, I knew I had to throw down for it. This is a Queen concert from November 1981, just a few months after I was born, in which the band runs through all their greatest hits. If there is an arena-rock band active today who is as energetic and tight as Queen and who has as charismatic a frontman as Freddie Mercury, I want to know about it.