Wednesday, January 26, 2005


My back hurts. That's because after super G training this morning, some of us decided to go to the terrain park and hit some jumps. I hit two of the big ones that I'd never hit before, and I got huge air and landed them perfectly. I've never been that high off the snow before. Then I got cocky, and the next run I hit the top jump with even more speed. I landed almost all the way at the bottom of the landing ramp, and I was way in the backseat. (I did stick the landing, though.) I think I hit my upper back on the backrest and really tweaked it. It knocked the wind out of me for a while. I think I'm gonna take the next two days off from skiing... it's OK though, there was no training scheduled anyway. Plus, Abby's coming to visit, arriving tomorrow night... yay!

Some cool news about our team was announced today.

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