Monday, January 10, 2005

things that happened today:

  • Chris and Tyler went 1-2 in the sitting division in today's GS, and Laurie won the women's sitting division.

  • It rained. You have to understand that it never rains in Colorado in January. Until yesterday and today, I had literally never seen it happen, and Steamboat is nearly as high in elevation as Winter Park, like 9000 feet. As a result, everyone got really wet and cold really fast, and it was pretty hard to see where you were going.

  • I hit a hole on a steep pitch and crashed halfway down the second run. I sliced my nose open, on what I'm not sure — the snow, I guess. I also snapped the tail off my ski. My nose was bleeding everywhere, and it needed 12 stitches at the local hospital. Now I will be looking pretty ugly for the next week, but I think the doctor did a good job sewing me up, and it's nothing that will keep me from racing tomorrow and trying to snap my 2-race streak of DNFs in GS. I don't know what's in the forecast for tomorrow, but something other than more rain would be nice.

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OUCH!--uncle O