Monday, January 10, 2005


I woke up several times last night, which is rare for me, but when I did sleep I slept well. And I remembered some of my dreams, which is also rare. My favorite one was about a Christmas present that my grandpa received from my grandma. It was a set of four long, flat cardboard boxes that fit together on a kind of rack. Inside each box was a bunch of multicolored sand and pebbles of different sizes. When you turned the rack and then carefully poured out the contents of each box onto a tabletop, the sand and pebbles somehow formed themselves into different messages (I remember one was "Je t'aime"). The whole family was gathered for Christmas, and everyone was amazed by this invention. No one could figure out how it worked, myself included. But my grandpa was clearly moved by the ingenuity and thoughtfulness of the gift.

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