Sunday, January 16, 2005

kimberley, pt. 1

Word of the day: amygdala

Writing from Kimberley, B.C., Canada, where we have come to race in four super G and downhill races. The recent temperatures here have been really, really cold. I skied for about two hours today, and it just took a lot out of me. The race hill is unusual, really roll-y and not particularly steep, meaning we get air a bunch of times but never really get going that fast. My favorite kind of hill for speed races is basically the exact opposite of this, but hey, what can you do. Tomorrow is the first race, a super G.

I guess I should tell you about the last couple days in Steamboat, the slaloms. My slalom technique is so... original (okay, maybe "bad" would be more accurate) that in Austria this fall I got the nickname of "Six-Guns" because when I ski it, I look like I'm riding a bull all the way down the course while shooting a pistol from the hip. I should logically be the slowest guy down the course. Nonetheless, somehow I finished sixth in the first slalom at Howelsen Hill in Steamboat — partially because a lot of monoskiers got tripped up by the first run and didn't finish. (Full results) The next day, I skied a little better but I finished 12th, right in the middle of the pack, more or less. If it weren't for a big mistake at the top of the first run, I would have finished higher. I would even say I had moments of brilliance, so I was happy with my skiing that day. (Full results)

OK, time to brave the cold from the (amazingly, wireless Internet-equipped) lobby/trailer building to our crappy condo. It's supposed to get much warmer (and rainier) soon. If it gets above, like, zero degrees F here, I'll be happy.

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