Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Fogged out.

We tried to run a super G today here in Kimberley, but the race was cancelled partway through the men's monoski field because of fog. The fog did indeed come on little cat feet, covering up the lower-middle quarter of the course within a matter of minutes, but unfortunately not moving on... at least not over the course of the 45 minutes or so they waited before calling the race. It's a shame because I had a solid run, within less than a second of Chris and Tyler. I was in 4th and probably wouldn't have finished worse than 5th or 6th. Ah well... so it goes.

Yesterday we DID race super G, and it also went pretty well. I tied my best World Cup finish with a 6th place, and I was close enough to the winning time that I did score World Cup points this time. It was a fun course, although a lot of people didn't finish, including Chris and a newly-out-of-the-hospital Kevin Bramble. (Full results)

In Steamboat I picked up a copy of a surprisingly well-written book about Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, which has been keeping my occupied during all the delays each day.

Oh, and I got the stitches out of my nose today... very exciting. It's healing up nicely.

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