Tuesday, February 01, 2005


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OK, now on to the news portion of the post... my friend Abby was in town from Thursday night until yesterday; hence the lack of updates recently. On Friday we drove George to Hot Sulphur Springs, the seat of Grand County, so he could get a new driver's license. Apparently when George rolled his truck last week, he forgot to get his license back from the cops, and they lost it. We skied on Saturday and Sunday, and yesterday we went to Aspen to watch the inaugural Monoskier X event at the X Games.

The event was similar to a regular skiercross race, but with a little less air. (For the uninitiated, skiercross consists of 3 to 6 racers all going down the same course at the same time, with lots of jumps, bumps, banked turns, etc.) There were 3 heats of 3 men and one heat of 4 women. The winners of the men's prelims were Tyler, CDY, and (surprisingly), an Aspen local named Sam Ferguson. (Sam won after Bramble, who should have won the whole thing, crashed.) CDY ended up edging out Tyler in the final by half a ski length — a great finish. In the women's race, Laurie edged out Lacey (who is engaged now, by the way), and they both had spectacular crashes on the last air and slid across the finish line. The crowd watching the race wasn't huge, but people were into it. Hopefully next year they'll make this an official event, move it to prime time, and put it on TV. That would be a huge step for disabled skiing.

Oh, by the way, I think I blew the shock absorber on my new monoski when I was in the terrain park on Wednesday.... d'oh. So it's back to the Yetti for a while until I can get it fixed.

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