Sunday, February 20, 2005

slalom days

We've been in Europe since Wednesday morning and racing for the past two days. We trained slalom a couple days beforehand and visited Innsbruck. Now we're in Fendels racing. The past two days we've been racing slalom, and I ended up 13th both days. I've been skiing pretty well, so it's a little frustrating coming in so far back, especially after I was 9th today after the first run. My second run was good (I thought), but so were a lot of other people's second runs, I guess. (Here are the full results from yesterday and today.)

Our hotel is well-furnished and has beautiful views of the Kaunertal valley, but it's not at all wheelchair accessible. Apparently the coaches didn't realize this when they booked it through the race organizing committee. CDY outlined a massive conspiracy theory, in which the Austrian race organizers assigned us to this hotel in hopes that it would negatively affect our performance in the races, letting the Austrian team win back the Nations' Cup. It's not bad, as conspiracy theories go.

In non-skiing news...

For sheer novelty value, small children and fans of indie music might want to check out these links to performances by the Fiery Furnaces and the Arcade Fire on a Washington, D.C.-area children's TV show. (Thanks to Lindsay for these.) As Caroline points out, the Fiery Furnaces interview posted on the show's site is also hilarious. I'm so jealous of little kids who get to watch TV shows like this. I bet my cousins Connor and Lucy know all about it.

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