Saturday, December 04, 2004

room for improvement

Our coaches were pretty unhappy with us today. We were training GS at Breckenridge, and most of us were not skiing up to our potential, or up to the way we skied in Austria in October. After training, we got a bit of a lecture and we spent some time going back to basics — free skiing and drills. Then this evening, after we got back from the gym, we watched video of our skiing and discussed it with the coaches. I was definitely going back to some bad habits, and seeing it on video was a big help, since I thought I had been skiing OK. I have a pretty clear idea of what I'll need to work on tomorrow, when we ski slalom.

Yesterday was pretty much the best day in U.S. downhill history, with Bode Miller 1st and Daron Rahlves second in Beaver Creek, CO, and Lindsey Kildow getting her first World Cup win in Lake Louise, Canada. Go Americans...

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