Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Hiro, one of the Winter Park coaches, couldn't say enough good things about my skiing today. It was a pretty straightforward GS course, and I was skiing well, but so were most people. On the one hand it was nice to hear so much encouragement from him, but on the other hand I knew that if I was laying down the same runs in front of the U.S. team coaches, they'd have plenty of criticism for me. It was definitely one of those days where I had to, as they say, "be my own best coach."

Tomorrow I'm flying home to Maine for Christmas with the family. On one hand I'm really looking forward to it, but on the other hand training is going well enough that it's going to be a little frustrating to take a week off, especially knowing that my new monoski will get to Denver on Thursday or Friday and will just be sitting there waiting for me until I get back to Colorado next Wednesday. At that point I will have a lot of work to do, getting used to the new equipment.

In non-skiing news, the venerable (and slightly pretentious) music website Pitchfork has just released its annual year-end lists of the 50 best reissues and the 50 best singles of the year. Tomorrow is the unveiling of the 50 best albums.

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