Saturday, December 11, 2004

from the OTC

We just arrived at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. We come here four times a year for a few days of physical testing. We do something called the Wingate Test, which measures how much power we can produce on a stationary bike or a handcycle. They also test us on a number of other things, like how much weight we can bench-press and how far we can throw a ten-pound ball.

Yesterday the snow was still very soft, but the weather was a little better than it had been on Thursday, and the organizers were able to hold the giant slalom (GS) race as scheduled. I came in fourth. I wasn't too happy with the way I skied, but it's the first race of the season and training is going well, so I'm not worried. I was really happy for Tyler, who won. In doing so, he beat his mentor Chris for only maybe the second time. I would like to follow his lead one of these days...

By the way, my new monoski hasn't arrived yet, but I have been assured it should be here around Christmas. It will be a nice present.

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