Monday, February 13, 2006

U.S. nationals super G

The field for the first race at the U.S. Disabled Alpine Championships here in Park City, UT was disappointingly small, only 36 races between the men and women. I'm not really sure why — there are some Winter Park skiers who aren't coming over until the GS and the slalom, but even with them the field would've been pretty small. Sometimes it seems like the number of disabled racers is in decline, although not for my class. The men's monoskiers constituted the biggest field, at least 15 skiers.

The other issue with the races is that Park City, which has world-class giant slalom and slalom race hills, really has no good place to run speed events. That means we run super G and downhill on a really easy, flat trail called Payday. It rewards fast skis and very subtle skiing more than technical skill and aggression.

That said, I guess I skied pretty subtly today and my ski ran fairly well, because I finished 2nd, just 0.16 seconds behind CDY (and only a few tenths ahead of Nick). I made only one mistake, and it was a minor one but might well have cost me a tenth or two.

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