Monday, February 27, 2006

Artesina slalom

I finished 8th today in a World Cup slalom in Italy. I skied two solid runs, maybe could've found a little more speed in a few sections but I was happy with both the performance and the result. Roger was the top American in my class, finishing 7th, while Stephani clinched a tie for the overall World Cup title in slalom by winning today's race.

So far I'm loving the whole Italian experience. Everything is really laid back (some times too much so; as I write this we've been waiting two hours for today's race awards to start), and the gelato and cappuccino are better than I could?ve imagined. We're staying in an amazing hotel that occupies part of an old seminary/monastery across the courtyard from a seventeenth-century cathedral. Loading skis into our team vans every morning in front of the huge Baroque dome and the chiming church bells is surreal indeed... photos to come soon if I can get my own computer connected to the internet somewhere. (No internet access in the monastery!)

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