Sunday, February 05, 2006


I'm getting fed up with making stupid mistakes in the race course. I'm skiing better slalom than almost anyone right now, but I keep failing to prove it. Today was the first day of racing in the Meridian Cup, here at my home mountain of Winter Park. I knew I had a good chance to do well today and maybe even win my first Nor-Am race, but I think I let that get to me. Three or four gates into the first run, I made a bad decision about how to take a gate, got spun around, and took eight or nine seconds to get up and get back in the course. The rest of my run was very strong, but the damage was done... I finished the run seven seconds behind the leader, Ronny. Man, was I pissed off after that run. I was in such a bad mood that the only way to fix it was to go out and win the second run — so I did, by almost one and a half seconds. Of course that wasn't enough to make up for my first-run mistake, and Ronny won, but at least I finished a respectable 4th.

The Meridian Cup continues tomorrow with GS and Tuesday with super G.

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