Friday, February 03, 2006

narita redux

Back in the Tokyo airport now, only this time we're hoping not to be stuck here for 30 hours. Instead, we should be getting on a flight to Seattle in 25 minutes or so.

Our races wrapped up two days ago with a slalom. I was really excited about my potential in that race, and on my first run I laid down a solid run that left me in fifth place going into the second run. Try as I might've to keep unhelpful thoughts (e.g. winning, falling) out of my head before the rain-soaked second run, I was only about five gates into my run when I got thrown sideways and had to pick myself up, costing me a few valuable seconds. Aside from one additional bobble farther down the course, I skied much better than I had in the first run, but my mistake was too costly and I finished seventh or eighth instead of the podium spot I had been gunning for. But these things happen.

We've spent the past two nights in Tokyo; yesterday Nick, Hannah, Laurie and I explored the Asakusa and Shibuya districts of downtown Tokyo and had some great adventures... more to come on that when I'm not paying by the minute for Internet access.

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