Friday, December 30, 2005

park city, day one

I've gotta start posting regularly again.

I got back to Colorado Wednesday evening after a restful few days at home in Maine for Christmas. But yesterday I packed up my stuff again and Ralph and I drove nine hours through a snowstorm, mostly in the dark, to Park City, Utah. (There are some pretty desolate stretches of road between Winter Park and here, let me tell you.) We have races here Jan. 3–5, but we decided to come over a few days early to get in some training and free skiing and help out a little with the Park City Disabled Ski Team's training camp, which starts tomorrow. Today we slept in before taking a half-dozen runs in the afternoon. Park City is a great place to be if you're a U.S. Ski Teamer: since USSA's headquarters is here, we get treated well and get free season passes to the ski area. Through disabled skiing connections, we also get to stay really cheaply at the National Ability Center's beautiful, recently built bunkhouse at their ranch outside of town. The rest of the team will be joining us here on Sunday, and we'll also be sharing the place with disabled ski teams from Australia and Canada.

After a day of pretty wet snowfall here today, I'm very thankful for my new electric glove dryers. Thanks, mom & dad!

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