Tuesday, December 06, 2005

why ski movies are like pornography

Last night my roommate and I went to see a screening of Matchstick Productions' latest movie, The Hit List (watch the trailer). It was a sweet movie, full of amazing skiing footage, and I even ordered the DVD. It occurred to me only later that evening how much ski movies have in common with porn:

  • Probably 90% of the audience for them are men.

  • They can inspire you to try something new that you've just seen on the screen and never realized was even possible.

  • You usually watch them as a substitute for the real thing. Or when you're not getting enough of the real thing. If you're doing a lot of amazing skiing of your own, you have little use for ski movies. But in the middle of the summer, you can watch ski movies to satisfy a craving.

  • Sure, you can always fantasize about being that good. But the people in them are way better at what they're doing on camera than you'll ever be.

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Richie Jay said...

Yeah, but for me, when I watch ski videos during the summer, I get really depressed, realizing that these people are doing a whole lot of something that I'm getting nothing of. Hey, maybe that's just like porn.