Monday, April 18, 2005

Patriots' Day

No skiing-related news to speak of these days, as I'm back at Dartmouth focusing mostly on classes these days. (OK, focusing occasionally on classes and more frequently on Red Sox games, music, handcycling, and generally enjoying the spring.)

If I do get around to posting here, then, it'll probably be to give you random links like these:

  • I really like this new Beck video.

  • Some people are making a big deal about this new "people search," ZabaSearch, saying it represents an invasion of people's privacy. But it really doesn't provide any information about people that isn't already available elsewhere for free. More interesting (to me) is the site's connection to the Heaven's Gate cult.

  • I'm very excited about the new White Stripes single, "Blue Orchid," which was released on iTunes this morning. It's a very rocking, Led Zep/blues kinda thing — totally worth your 99¢.

  • If you're a Daily Show fan, you may have already caught this report about choosing a new Pope. If not, that clip is a pretty good introduction to the best show on TV.

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