Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I got my hair cut this morning. Kind of a boring thing to blog, I know, but it was kind of a symbolic act. This past spring, summer, and fall I was consciously trying to grow my hair long in front to make myself feel like a little more of an... indie scenester, or something. Of course, around my ski team, the long hair went over like a lead zeppelin. So I succumbed to peer pressure and got it cut really short, but I like it. I definitely feel like more of an athlete now. (I'd post photos, but I have no digicam at the moment...) It's strange to negotiate these dual/multiple roles: student/writer/rock fan in the spring and summer, ski racer in the fall and winter. If I were more of an individualist, perhaps I'd find an image that encompassed it all. But we're all sheep, aren't we?

Oh yeah, slalom training this afternoon was pretty great. I skied maybe 7 or 8 gates of the best slalom I'm capable of the moment, and the rest was okay too.

"What position should I wear?" —R.E.M., "Crush with Eyeliner"

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