Saturday, March 06, 2010

paralympic blog, day -2

We received all our Paralympic kit today at team processing. I'm not exaggerating when I say you could clothe a small village in one athlete's allotment of Ralph Lauren and Nike. We're in Denver tonight. I can't tell you which hotel we're staying at, but it does involve two trees.

Tomorrow we take off for Vancouver and then bus it straight up to Whistler. We'll have two days to acclimated to Paralympic Village life and freeski the hill a bit before downhill training runs begin on Wednesday. Although I won't be racing in the downhill, I've been informed that I will be starting the downhill training runs so that I can be available to race if one of the three U.S. sitting men should be unable to start because of injury or illness. That will also give me some valuable experience running the speed hill, which ought to help me in the super-G and super-combi races.

Look for an announcement from U.S. Paralympics on Monday re: U.S. broadcast coverage of the Games. Amazing awaits!


Anonymous said...

Maybe will see y'all at the airport, then. But probably getting in too late.

Anonymous said...

Oh jeez. They stuck me on a direct flight to Denver instead of the roundabout way I was originally scheduled for, and I got off and went to the bathroom and followed a wheelchairing person out of the potty to the flight for Vancouver, which was boarding. And I saw a bunch of paralympians - well, a few, but you weren't amongst them. Must've already boarded.

But I was close! Really close. Mere minutes!

Richie Jay said...

"you could clothe a small village"...or you could share the schwag with your friends (I'm a men's small or extra-small, FYI)! ;)

Mary said...

BACK OFF RJ!! The girlfriend gets first dibs!

BeckJo said...

Have fun and good luck!