Monday, November 06, 2006

update from WP

I made the move from Boulder back up to Winter Park last week, just after getting home from Austria, and now I'm getting settled in up here. (The Comcast guy was here this morning to set up broadband, and damn is it fast.) I'm living in the same apartment I was in last winter, with my teammate Gerald. There's been a foot of snow on the ground here for a couple weeks now, and the ski area is making a lot of snow, too. We racers get to start skiing here this Wednesday, and then the resort opens to the public on the 15th.

If you need to write to me here, my address is the same as it was last year:
P.O. Box 3090
Winter Park, CO 80482

And my physical (shipping) address is:
21 Kings Crossing Road, Apt. 302
Winter Park, CO 80482

As a side note, this week's New York Times Magazine has a nice primer on how neologisms enter the OED.

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