Friday, July 28, 2006


The name of this airport has always reminded me of the bacteria giardia. Assuming you find bacteria distateful, the comparison is apt. I sat on my plane from Portland for about 35 minutes before the people showed up with the ramp and aisle chair to get me off the damn thing. (Fortunately, I have lots of time to kill here before my flight to Denver.) They have the weirdest system of transferring between the different terminals here; you have to take a bus that's not wheelchair accessible, only comes every 15 minutes or so, and leaves not from the gate area but from baggage claim... wha??

After I get in to Denver, I have to pick up my monoski from Aspen Seating, go home to Boulder and pack, and then head back to the airport tomorrow to fly to Mt. Hood for a one-week training camp. I'm looking forward to it though.


Lindsay said...

JFK has a similar setup, except it's a system of trains that run between the various terminals. De Gaulle does it, too, I think.

Carl Burnett said...

Yeah, so does Denver. The trains I don't mind so much... it's the fact that it's a bus, it doesn't run often enough, it;s not really wheelchair accessible, and you have to go all the way to baggage claim to catch it!

Richie Jay said...

Ironically, I got giardia in Colorado, and had to take a plane from Denver to LaGuardia ahead of schedule because of my giardia.

JFK gets a bad rep because Manhattanites feel like it's too far from the city, but it's a much easier airport than LaGuardia in many ways (the AirTrain vs. bus being one of them, the fact that LaGuardia always has delays being another). I think Jetblue now flies from Portland to Denver through JFK (for future reference, because it won't help you now).

Have fun in Mt. Hood. I can't believe it's still open! It's literally 100 degrees here all week. Not 'it's like 100 degrees here'. No, really 100. Going outdoors = instant death.