Friday, May 26, 2006


Found this email from our team manager in my in-box this morning:


The IPC has just confirmed that there will be no World Championships for Alpine in 2007. Klosters, Switzerland pulled thier bid about a month ago. The IPC Race Director found a new site in Sweden, but the new site was unnaceptable. They only had a FIS homologated GS and SL, no DH or SG. It would have been a very low level World Championships.

I know it is very dissapointing. The Race Director, Michael Knaus, is working to secure a site for 2009 so that this will not happen again.

I will send you a full update from the FIS and IPC meetings in Portugal in the next few days.

Hope everyone is doing well!


Richie Jay said...

It seems like there's quite a few months until the 2007 championships. Is it possible that some mountain will step up and remedy the situation?

Carl Burnett said...

Possible, I guess, but unlikely. The amount of time required to plan an event like the World Championships (held only every 2 [formerly 4] years) is huge; Klosters had been chosen to host it several years ago and already held a test event for it, the 2005 disabled alpine & nordic World Cup Finals. Besides, it costs the host resort a lot of money to stage the event, so they have to feel like it's worth their while in terms of the publicity and revenue it generates. Very few ski areas feel that way, and to be honest, at this point they're probably right.