Wednesday, April 05, 2006

more photos up

I've finally finished tagging and captioning all my photos from Italy and Spain. You can view the second batch of Paralympic photos here, my Florence photos here, and my Barcelona photos here.

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Richie Jay said...

Holy crap! I'm looking at your Barcelona photos, and thinking in the back of my head that you mentioned that you stayed in a 'divey hostel' right near La Rambla, and I'm thinking that I stayed in a hotel matching that description. Then I see your photo with the "Cafe-Bar Centric" in it, my breakfast spot, and I realize that, while I did not stay at the Pension 45, I stayed next door at the Hosteria Grau. Seriously, there's only one block of 'divey hostels' near La Rambla (all the rest are further away, or 3+ star hotels in the neighborhood), and you and I both stayed there. Big city, small world.