Thursday, March 09, 2006

downhill training day #1

I had a really solid first training run and am ready to give it more gas tomorrow. Here's a link to today's training results and statistical analysis. (The other classes' results can be found here.)

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Anonymous said...

Just watched Carl's downhill run on

It was awesome. After his run he was in second place, but at least one other racer has already bumped him to third. Dunno whether he's hung out for the medal. One could always just check online but it's more fun to finish watching the race.

Unfortunately, the player on the website doesn't have any sort of time marker to give to people to cue to his run. You just have to fast-forward through the whole thing which takes awhile because there's all the visually impaired men and women and sitting women which come beforehand.

But he was pretty pumped coming across the finish line.