Saturday, October 22, 2005

subject? nah.

We trained on a pretty steep, bumpy GS course sandwiched right in between the T-bar and another GS course. The other course was so close to ours that our coaches had to set our almost identically to theirs to make sure we wouldn't collide with other the racers if we were on course at the same time. That's kind of standard procedure over here in Europe; not as much attention is paid to safety as in the U.S., and space is at a premium.

That said, training was a blast. I got four runs on the course, and I really got after it every run. I haven't seen our times yet, but I'd be surprised if I wasn't consistently one of three fastest monoskiers.

Tomorrow we head over to Sölden to watch the opening men's World Cup GS race. You can check out the results here if you're interested.

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Rosemary said...

Hey Carl,
Long time NO talk huh... Luckily for me, with the internet finding anyone is as easy as a google search! By the way, it's Rosemary from Winter Park. (Remember me?) Austria sounds like it is going well, this is the time of year I begin to miss skiing, a little. Just a little though. How was Sölden? I heard Bode got second, off to a good start for the Olympic year! Well I hope this blog post of mine finds you well! Good luck with training, ski fast, and no more wheeling down the access road... Just take the last gondola down! Oh if you want to e-mail me you can do so at ""