Thursday, July 21, 2005

couch surfing

I've not been a very productive member of society lately. Instead I've been chilling at my parents' house on Peaks Island, Maine, riding my handcycle, and volunteering a bit at STRIVE's BookWorks program. (Our eBay auctions are now online through a great website called MissionFish. You can view and bid on our currently listed books here.)

More recently, I've been on the road a bit. Las Saturday I went to my old friend Erik Messerschmidt's wedding in Connecticut. I got to see some friends I hadn't seen since middle school, and the ceremony was neat; it was performed by a friend of Erik and Melanie's. Rather than sitting down, the guests were standing around drinking cocktails during the ceremony. It was basically just a big party... I approved.

After that, I drove out to Quaker Lake, in north-central Pennsylvania, where Tracy's family has a summer place. We played a lot of Boggle, ate ridiculously well, and went swimming several times a day. It was rough.

Now I'm in Arlington, Va., at my friend Will's place. He's at work, so I think I'll head out to a library or a café and do some work on my translation. If I haven't told you about it yet, I'm translating a book by the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, and I will be posting my translation in installments right here beginning very soon... keep checking that link.

Currently loving: Swearing by Geoffrey Hughes (thanks, Bonnie) and The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem (thanks, Finn).

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