Monday, May 30, 2005

I've been up all night working on one of my final papers, which is due tomorrow morning... 4 or 5 pages to go in the next 26.75 hours should be doable. After that I have another paper due the next day (Wednesday), but fortunately I've already written the bulk of that one. That's the last day of classes. I have no exams this term, just these final papers, the third of which isn't due for another week or so. I could potentially get it done by this weekend and get to relax while everyone else stresses over exams... that would be nice! I'll try to keep y'all posted.

Barring catastrophe, I will finally graduate from Dartmouth on June 12. That's now less than two weeks away... whoa. If you're reading this and want to come to graduation but haven't heard from me yet, it's due to my not getting things together enough to send out invitations or anything, but please do e-mail me and you can get in on the posh digs [scroll down to Hinman Cabin] that we're renting for Commencement weekend.

Oh, that reminds me: my student BlitzMail account will be turned off pretty soon, so you have two options: (1) don't e-mail me, (2) start e-mailing me at my alumni account, (or, if you're not into the whole brevity thing) inst—Three! You have three options. One, don't. Two, do. Three, I also have a Gmail account which I don't check very often:

The paper I'm currently writing is on machine translation, and I just came across the following gem on one translation company's website:

Q: How does Logos assure finest quality in translation?
A: All translation will be reviewerd by a Senior Editor who is responsible for overall quality control


Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous quote!

:) Bowties

Richie Jay said...

Congratulations on the occasion of your Dartmouth graduation! I'm sure you're glad to be done, but I'm actually kind of jealous that you got to spend parts of 6 years there.